Handling cybersecurity’s mythical pain issue: Passwords

Passwords remain a critical aspect of cybersecurity and are still one of the most common methods of authentication. Despite the development of alternative authentication methods, such as biometrics and multi-factor authentication, passwords are still widely used and are likely to continue to be used for the foreseeable future. There are many different types of password-based […]

The cybersecurity triad

What element of the CIA triad is being impacted by this attack? If no response is forthcoming, that person is a newbie. If the answer is not clear or lacking in arguments, that person is a junior, but if the response clearly outlines what elements of the triad will be affected by the attack and […]

How can law firms switch to the cloud?

Before making the move to the cloud, there are a few things to consider. It’s crucial for businesses to choose software that can seamlessly connect their entire technology infrastructure, including case management, billing, and customer interactions. Here’s how law firms can switch to the cloud as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Get buy-in from key […]

Moving your legal procedure governance system to the cloud

Moving your legal practice management system to the cloud is a wise decision. It’s ideal for clients — they get a better client-centered service experience, leading to improved working relationships and higher client confidence in your firm. It’s also ideal for staff as cloud-based software makes it easy to automate manual, time-consuming tasks. Therefore, you […]

Shifting your internal and external communication to the cloud

If the concept of moving all your communications to the cloud sounds overwhelming, then you’ll be happy to know that switching from an on-premise solution to the cloud can be a seamless process if you have the right provider. The first step is finding that provider, which means it’s time to do some research. Here […]

Cloud vs. Local

Sure, you could run your law firm and make all your calls from a single office, but why limit yourself? Why not take advantage of cloud-based software so you can conduct client intake, manage your cases, get paid, and make your calls from anywhere? Many law firms still use local phone systems and practice management […]

Why should law firms care about cloud technology?

The legal industry is shifting, largely due to the new client expectations that technological advances bring. In addition to a vast majority of states adopting a duty of technology competence into their rules of professional conduct, clients are also expecting firms to have certain technologies in place. According to Clio’s 2021 Legal Trends Report, 40% […]

What is cloud technology?

Cloud technology is a network of hosted resources that are available through the internet. Cloud software is hosted on the servers of the organization that creates and holds it. As a user, you access the software via a web browser or dedicated app. It’s probable you’re already knowledgeable about cloud-based technology if you’ve ever utilized […]